My Ambition
Visit & Sleep in Lots of  Places

"We shall not cease from exploration,
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time"
                                                T. S. Eliot

Some Places Visited


Mainland China



North Pole            Yukon Territory



Alberta, Canada



Gateway to Glacier National Park
Flathead National Park
Polebridge Montana



Mount McKinley



International Falls



Arctic Circle



Mount Whitney



Cheyenne OK



National WWII Museum New Orleans



Erie Pa.


Mount Washington N.H.



Nevada City Montana




Virginia City Montana




Bismarck North Dakota



Fort Leavenworth Kansas



Summit Lake Alaska



Death Valley - 2012        2013



Niagara Falls



Dayton Air Force Museum



Grand Teton



Walla Walla Washington


Tombstone Arizona 



Big Sky Montana - 2016       2021



Independence Missouri



Pawhuska Oklahoma - Oct. 2021    Mar. 2021




Grand Canon - 2013      2019



New York City



Wrangell-St. Elias
America's Largest National Park



Yellowstone - 2016      2021          2012



Hope British Colombia



Waco Texas



Gold Hill Nevada



Vancouver Canada



Crater Lake Oregon



Alaskan Pipeline 



Yosemite National Park



North Cascades National Park



Route 66



Fort Kearney Nebraska




Nation's Capital


Some Trips
Oregon Trail - Oct.-Nov 2021   Highlights

St. Louis and the Gateway Arch Museum

Adventure Trip to Oklahoma   March 2021

Adventure to Montana & Wyoming   Feb. 2021

Adventure Trip to the Dakotas   Nov.2020

Adventure Trip to Arizona and Utah  Nov. 2019

Adventure Trip to Nigeria Falls   Dec. 2017

Adventure Trip to NYC  Nov. 2017

Adventure Trip to the Circus  Oct.  2017

Trip to Dayton Air Force Base   May 2017

National WW2 Museum  Feb. 2017

Adventure Trip to Montana    Oct. 2016

Feb. 2015 Trip to Texas

Adventure Trip to Alaska    Nov. 2015

Adventure Trip to Alaska    May 2014

Trip to Eldorado National Forest  May 2014

Adventure Trip to Northwest Canada  Jan.  2014

Holiday Family Road Trip  Nov. 2013

Driving and Camping Across America  2012

Fun in the Snow with Astraea & Jude  2012

More 2012
Christmas at Biltmore (November)

October 2012 Oregon Trail Trip

Washington, D.C. Nation's Capital Tour

2011 Cross Country Adventure

May 2011 Virginia to Texas

Jan 2011 Virginia to Texas
Macon Ga., Nashville-Memphis, Son Studio


Ambitious Undertakings
to Retrace