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Ettrick Cemetery


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Ettrick Cemetery dates back to the 1830's.  The Hatley C. Cotton Mill located at the lower end of Main Street designated the Cemetery located on the hill, on the corner of Main Street and Jackson Street as a free burial place for all those who worked at the Cotton Mill.  

Years after the Mill closed, the property was purchased by Mr. L.B. Pond and Mr. Edgar Eanes, both of Ettrick.  Upon their death, Mr. Stephen Minor of Hopewell, Va. purchased the Cemetery and the surrounding property.

In April 1949, Mrs. Floyd M. Bowman ( Sadie ) purchased the Cemetery from Mr. Minor with the hope that her Home Demonstration Club would help maintain it.

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Sadie & Floyd M. Bowman's  Home on Jackson Street 

Floyd & Sadie Bowman

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Upon the death of Sadie Bowman on March 24, 1978 the Cemetery was left to Mary Adlena Woodruff, ( daughter ) and James R. Bowman ( son ) who had devoted years of service to the Cemetery alongside their mother.  Mary Adlena passed away in July 2000 leaving the duties of caring for the Ettrick Cemetery the  responsibility of her children and brother Jim.  The Bowman family has always known the significance of this historical part of Ettrick.  They all worked very hard at maintaining its heritage and integrity.

E.C.F.  Through personal dedication and hard work, the Ettrick Cemetery Foundation was formed to continue the Bowman's legacy of caring for the Cemetery.

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