Then on September 11, 2008
When the NYSE became the next target.

On Friday afternoon Sept. 12, 2008, President  George W. Bush
announced to the world a "BAILOUT" that the U.S. Congress
must pass or the U.S. economy would ie. crash.
Two weeks later, against many Americans opposition,
the "BAILOUT" was renamed "BUY IN" and became law.
  World markets reacted the following business day, week, month later.

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NYSE viewed from a church across the street.
Should we not be focusing on the church from the NYSE?

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                         Church across the street.     Nearby Fed. Reserve Bank of NY                           

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WTC site just a few blocks away from the NYSE on Wall Street.

An interesting thought: Fix Church Street, and Main Street will follow,
and so will Wall Street.


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