Ford 2016 Transit XLT Wagon
12 Seats in 4 Rows - Moves People and Moves Lots of Cargo like Scooters

First Stop after purchasing was at White Bank Park.

First Transport of family was to go out and eat.  Here at Austin's and Megan's house now.

Austin, Hayden, Meghan, and Reagan in the baby seat.   Meghan in between the kids Hayden and Reagan.

Quiet Ride.

Next to the driver is passanger Delores.

Rear cargo view.   Both doors open wide and lock into open position.

I plan to carry either this light duty, or a heavy duty scooter back here, or  even a Super Duty Scooter, maybe all three.

Standing room only, in the cargo area.

Normally parked in my mom's driveway and used as needed.

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Compare to F150 XLT