Surgery - Hernia Repairs
After three small lower hernia repairs in 2000, 2003, and 2014 I started experiencing
a new mid abdominal hernia caused by a past hernia repair incision.

Sept. 2015  I experienced great pain caused by a new hernia in my mid abdomen.
Part of my intestine was past my mussel wall through an opening.

Before I could have my new hernia repaired, caused by a previous surgical incision,
it was suggested I correct a hiatal hernia first, something I have had for many years.
Hiatal Hernia Repair - BELOW

My Nurse
The gases used during my surgery caused my face to blow up.   While still on drugs
and the gas effect still present, I looked so much like the Easter Bunny,
realizing it was Easter weekend so I had some fun in the hospital acting and looking
like the Easter Bunny.   Just out of surgeryI felt no pain.

More Connections


Visiting my Mom.

Visiting the grand kids.

My surgeon and surgical staff explains the operational procedure
I just under went and what will lie ahead.

Video Visit - mp4          Video Visit - wmv

New Hot Wheels - Red Apple

After Surgery CT Scans and X-Rays